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Anti-Reflection Coating Calculator

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  1. Instructions

    1. First choose your substrate and coating material from the drop-down menus. The calculator will provide the index of refraction and the extinction coefficient for the materials
    2. for the given wavelength based on linear interpolations on the values given in Palik's Handbook of Optical Constants. You may also provide your own indices of refraction and
    3. extinction coefficients by selecting "User Defined" substrate or coating material.

    4. Next enter your desired coating thickness, incident wavelength and incident angle and press "Calculate."

    5. The percent power reflected will be displayed below.

    6. You may see the graphs by pressing the link "Anti-Reflection Graphs."

    7. You may adjust the domain and range of each graph by entering the desired values below each graph and pressing "Calculate" again.
  2. Anti-Reflection Graphs

    1. Reflection vs. Substrate Index of Refraction

      1. Minimum Substrate Index:
      2. Maximum Substrate Index:
      3. Maximum Power Range:
    2. Reflection vs. Coating Index of Refraction

      1. Minimum Coating Index:
      2. Maximum Coating Index:
      3. Maximum Power Range:
    3. Reflection vs. Coating Thickness

      1. Minimum Thickness: (in nanometers)
      2. Maximum Thickness: (in nanometers)
      3. Maximum Power Range:
    4. Reflection vs. Incident Wavelength

      1. Minimum Wavelength: (in nanometers)
      2. Maximum Wavelength: (in nanometers)
      3. Maximum Power Range:
    5. Reflection vs. Incident Angle

      1. Minimum Angle: (in degrees)
      2. Maximum Angle: (in degrees)
      3. Maximum Power Range:

Substrate Material Substrate Index: Substrate Extinction Coefficient
Coating Material Coating Index: Coating Extinction Coefficient
Incident Wavelength: (in nanometers)
Incident Angle: (in degrees)
Coating Thickness: (in nanometers)
Percent Power Reflected:
Error message:

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